Revolutionizing E-bikes and Urban Mobility: The Ebike Future X Vienna Event — An Evening of Innovation and Strategies for the Future of E-bikes

Stefan Ceman
4 min readFeb 7, 2024

The Ebike Future X Vienna event, held on January 31, 2024, marked a significant milestone in the electric bike and urban mobility industries.

This innovative gathering took place at the prestigious weXelerate Innovation Hub, where it brought together industry professionals, policymakers, and enthusiasts from around the world for the first time in a physical setting.

Ebike Future X Vienna at weXelerate Innovation Hub

Inspired by the success of the annual online Ebike Future Conference, the organizers introduced Ebike Future X, a series of local in-person events modeled after the TEDx format, with Vienna being the inaugural location.

The event offered a rich program that included talks, Q&A sessions, pitch sessions, and networking opportunities.

Sharing Wisdom: Keynote Speakers at Ebike Future X Vienna

The conference boasted an impressive lineup of speakers, bringing together industry leaders and experts who shared their valuable insights and expertise. This gathering fostered groundbreaking discussions on the future of e-bikes and urban mobility, offering diverse perspectives from leading figures in the field.

Opening speech of the organizers — Ali Dastrandj and Stefan Ceman

Check out the list of our featured experts:

  • Awi Liftshits from weXelerate Innovation Hub
  • Stefan Ceman from Ebike Steve, Inc.
  • Kambis Kohansal Vajargah from Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
  • Michaela Laussegger from ABA — INVEST in AUSTRIA
  • Felix Beyer from Bundesministerium für Klimaschutz, Umwelt, Energie, Mobilität, Innovation & Technologie
  • Lina Mosshammer from Punkt vor Strich
  • Ali Dastrandj from CESA Agency
  • Paul Japek from SHARK-Bike
  • Benedikt Hans from BENTHO eMobility GmbH
  • Daniel Antal from Marvelo Europe Ltd.

Unveiling Innovations: Interesting Pitch Sessions at Ebike Future X Vienna

Innovative pitches were presented by companies like Eightpins, MOTIC, Cyclebee, Devonic, and Vello Bike, showcasing the latest in ebikes, bikes, components, and related apps. These sessions provided a platform for exchanging ideas, forging new partnerships, and exploring the potential of ebikes to enhance urban mobility.

Catalyzing Change: The Impact of Ebike Future X Vienna on Urban Mobility

The impact of the Ebike Future X Vienna event was profound, serving as a catalyst for change both locally and globally. Attendees left with valuable insights, new connections, and the inspiration to contribute to the development of sustainable mobility solutions. The event highlighted the transformative potential of ebikes in making urban environments more accessible, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

The Ebike Future X Vienna event has set a new standard for industry conferences, demonstrating the power of collaboration and innovation in shaping the future of ebikes and urban mobility. As the Ebike Future platform continues to grow, the future of sustainable urban transport looks brighter than ever, promising exciting developments and opportunities for cities around the world.

Join the Revolution: Becoming a Local Partner for Ebike Future X

Looking ahead, Ebike Future X aims to host 50 events worldwide in 2024, with plans to expand to cities all over the world. This initiative reflects a commitment to spreading global knowledge and fostering powerful local communities dedicated to advancing sustainable mobility solutions.

  • Argentina — Buenos Aires
  • Australia — Sydney
  • Belgium — Brussels
  • Brazil — Sao Paulo
  • Canada — Toronto
  • Canada — Vancouver
  • China — Beijing
  • Colombia — Bogota
  • Czech Republic — Prague
  • England — London
  • France — Paris
  • Germany — Berlin
  • Hungary — Budapest
  • India — New Delhi
  • Italy — Rome
  • Mexico — Mexico City
  • Netherlands — Amsterdam
  • Poland — Warsaw
  • Spain — Barcelona
  • UAE — Dubai
  • USA — New York
  • USA — Los Angeles
  • USA — Denver
  • USA — Seattle
  • USA — Austin

If you don’t see your city on our list and are interested in co-hosting an Ebike Future X event, let us know at For those eager to bring this exciting event to their locale, we invite you to apply as we are actively seeking local partners to make it happen. Get in touch.

Visualizing the Future: Ebike Future X Vienna Photo Gallery

View the full gallery on the link below.

Take a step back into the Ebike Future X Vienna event through our photo gallery. The images encapsulate the vibrant energy, dynamic discussions, and engaging moments. Browse these curated snapshots, bearing testimony to a collective dedication in shaping the future of e-bikes and urban mobility. To view the full gallery, visit the link below:



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