Top Ebike Experts Reveal How To Be Ahead Of The Curve In Ebike Business and Technology

The fourth annual eBike Future Conference will showcase the latest trends in business and technology. This event is a must-attend for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve, as industry experts and insiders will present their knowledge and insights. Attendees can look forward to learning about new developments, networking with like-minded professionals, and getting inspired by visionary speakers. Register now! It’s sure to be an enlightening experience.

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5 min readAug 21, 2022

The Dates

The event will be October 11–13th, 2022, and will feature 50+ entrepreneurs and e-bike business experts.

You can join the world’s brightest minds in ebike business and technology to learn, share secrets and connect online from the comfort of your home or office. Get a front-row seat view at this great online event safe from the Covid, without wasting your time and CO2 traveling, staying in hotels. Learn, do business and network in the most effective and eco-friendly way.

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Hot Topics

At the con will be keynotes, presentations, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions about electric bike market trends, retail trends, business opportunities, newest technology, innovation, mobility, sustainability, disruptive technologies, business models, startups, and future trends, including IoT, AI, and other exponential technologies that shape this business today and in the future.

World-Class Speakers

World-class speakers include existing industry superstars and also newcomers who will disrupt the scene in the future.

The speakers represent different industries and experiences, which is why this event creates fantastic new ideas and will spark your creativity and challenge your thinking.

In previous editions, there were speakers and companies such as:

  • Alec Lim: Co-Founder/CEO at Beno Technologies, Singapore
  • Amir Mekhalfia: Founder & CEO at Fiil Bikes, United Kingdom
  • Claudia Wasko: General Manager of Bosch eBike Systems Americas, USA
  • Danielle Cheng: Brand strategy and long-term partnership development at OKAI, China
  • Don DiCostanzo: Co-Founder at Pedego Electric Bikes, USA
  • Julie Kronstrøm Carton: Co-Founder of MATE.BIKE, Denmark
  • Kevin Mayne: Chief Executive Officer at Cycling Industries Europe, Belgium
  • Kresimir Hlede: Chief Operating Officer at Greyp Bikes, , Croatia
  • : Chief Strategist at TFIE Strategy Inc, Canada
  • : CEO, and co-founder at Zoomo, Australia
  • Richard Chen: Vice General Manager at ASK Bicycles, China
  • Sonny Vu: CEO at Arevo, California, USA
  • Thorsten Heckrath-Rose: Managing Director at ROSE Bikes, Germany

And many more fantastic people and experts.

The speakers from the 2021 edition

The 2022 Speaker Line-Up

This year, confirmed speakers are such as:

  • Adam M. Micklin: Director of Sales — E-Mobility at Accelerated Systems, USA
  • Alex Nesic: Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer at Drover AI, USA
  • Bastian Dietz: Director of Global Business Development at SQlab, Germany
  • Ben Morris: CEO and Founder at Coaster Cycles, USA
  • Ibrahim Jilani: Global Director & Industry Leader for Consumer Technology at UL Solutions, USA
  • Jonathon Nunan: Australia’s Leading Cycling & Mobility Industries Specialist Market Expert at Better Bike Business, Australia
  • Joshua Hon: Founder and Team Captain at Tern Bicycles, Taiwan
  • Judith Häberli: Co-Founder and CEO at Urban Connect, Switzerland
  • Jürgen Sahtel: Partnerships & Project Manager at ATOM Mobility, Latvia
  • Mark Yeramian: Co-Founder at, Canada
  • Nithesh Pushparaj: Co-Founder/ CEO at TAV Systems, Australia
  • Ravindra Kempaiah: Founder of Zen Electric Bikes, Canada
  • Roland Riedel: Director of Advanced Development at Brose Group, Germany
  • Stefan Sinnegger: Co-Founder and General Manager at PowUnity, Austria
  • Susan Gautsch: Founding Owner & CEO of Free To Roam eBiking, USA
  • Tomi Viiala: Co-CEO at Stromer, Switzerland

And many more.

The full 2022 line-up of 50+ speakers and power players will blow your mind! Stay tuned; the event organizers are adding new speakers weekly.

Who Is This For

This conference is designed not only for the people from the industry but also for newcomers who want to enter this rapidly growing market. The event is especially suitable for business owners, CEOs, managers, business creators, and entrepreneurs. But also for anybody interested in the great topic of the electric bike business.

100% Online Format

The event is online and is designed for busy people from all around the world.

You can join it Live or get a 21- or 365-day replay pass. Daily streaming starts at 3:00 PM Universal Time, but you can select your tracks and presentations and watch the replay as it fits your schedule. So whether you are in Europe, the Americas, China, India, or Australia, you don´t need to stay awake at night to see what you want. Event platform works on any device, so you cat enjoy the conference wherever you are.

New Virtual Expo

New this year, organizers have prepared a new virtual expo - not the standard fair type, but in a new convenient way. The Expo consists of virtual booths that will run automatically for 22 days and enable automatic presentations, meeting scheduling, and other features. Virtual booths are included in company tickets at a fraction of the cost of in-person events. With this online event, the audience is much broader, and exhibitors get bigger exposure to many new customer groups.

Supporting E-bike Startups And Investors

An exciting fresh part of the Expo will be a new Startup Zone. This will enable new companies to exhibit under special conditions. The organizers want to give a chance to all companies to show off globally, even the smallest ones, so the startup application process is easy.

Many new investors are coming into the e-bike game, so during the Expo, the organizers will launch an investor round.

Free And Paid Tickets

The tickets for the event include Free or Paid options for Attendees and Companies.

There is also a special ticket for students.

The actual pricing of the tickets is available on the event website.

10 000 Attendees, 50+ Speakers, 6+ Tracks

Ebike Future Conference and Expo 2022 aim to be the best and the most significant ebike business online event on the planet.

So if you want to get the newest information from the e-bike scene, register now so you don’t miss out.

Join the world’s brightest minds in ebike business and technology to learn, share secrets and connect online. Get closer to leading people and companies from the comfort of your home or office.

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